Remote hands & eyes

Travel less, save time, save money

What if you could stay at home and still do what you wanted to do at some far away place, without traveling there ...

Remote buying

Imagine for a moment ... you are sitting at the office with your laptop, guiding the remote camera through a marketplace in Bangkok. You see exotic foods, intricate artwork, colourful clothing. A beautifully carved jewellery box catches your eye. You reach out and grab it, lift it up, inspect it closely, turn it, open it. Your store could sell these at a good profit.

You have a video chat with the owner of the stall, and exchange contact details.

You smile, thinking of the old days when you would have to fly to Bangkok and spend days to find such exotic high-profit items.

Now you use VidFoot to do the job faster, cheaper, and without risk to life, limb and baggage. Ah, modern technology.

Remote management

Imagine ... you are a project manager for a construction project that is more than 200km away from your offices. In the old days you would drive out to site once a week to check on things. But now that you have discovered VidFoot, things are different. Now you just open the VidFoot webpage on your laptop, connect to the VidFoot remote system, and guide the camera around the site. You do this for half an hour every day. Now you travel to site only once every second week. You have saved yourself hours of unproductive traveling time. Now you spot problems early, before they become big problems. When your staff on site call to say there is a problem, you use VidFoot to very quickly evaluate the problem for yourself, without the delay of traveling to site.